Water Ways Poster


We are excited to announce Water Ways, a new project in partnership with the Beehive Design Collective!

Water Ways is the beginning of a series of graphics independently coordinated by Meg Lemieur and Bri Barton, who have been working to collaboratively illustrate stories about the natural gas industry's impacts on ecosystems and communities in what is commonly known as Pennsylvania. This first illustration's imagery was informed through collaborations with environmental groups and affected people in the area. 

You can donate here to support their work and receive this two color 27”x39” print. Each poster is accompanied by a 12-page narrative booklet that guides the viewer through each scene of the poster's story.

Meg and Bri are taking Water Ways on tour in the Spring and Summer of 2018! Their illustrated presentations explore the rights, struggles, and victories of their region's water and all who depend upon it. They will also be gathering stories for future illustrations. If you live in the Mid-Atlantic region and would like to request a presentation, please contact them at thewaterwaysproject@gmail.com.

For more information please visit www.thewaterways.org or connect with them on facebook or instagram @thewaterways.