A Bumble Bee's Life


Hand-tinted prints available in purple-blue, yellow-orange, and pink-red.


Queen bees and boy bees are born in the fall. 

All queen bees are big, and boy bees are small. 

When new queens grow up alone they will go in a hole in the ground

and hide from the snow. 

The queen bee comes out to look for a nest. These mice are moving, their old house looks best. 

The queen builds her home and lays lots of eggs. 

Her young will grow wings. 

Her young will grow legs. 

She heats her self up to keep her eggs warm, one hundred degrees!! Her babies are born!

Alone the queen picks food for her young. Pollen from flowers makes them say YUM. 

The first young grow up to help the queen care for each baby bee. The queen can stay there!!

The youngest new bees grow even bigger, because they get fed by all of their sisters. 


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