Beehive Balsam Wreaths ~ Handmade in Maine


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Beehive Balsam Wreaths are made of fresh, sustainably harvested evergreen Fir brush from the woods of Downeast Maine.

At 20" across, our wreaths are woven double-sided using traditional methods by local masters of the craft, and are delightfully fragrant.

Truly Handmade in Maine, the decorations are assembled from all natural materials, our own creative gumption, and a bit of wire and glue. No plastic, featuring Mother Nature's water resistance and the ephemeral Wonder of the holiday season.

The Bees are made from Black Spruce cones and Maple seed helicopters that are pollinating flowers carved from Cassava root and surrounded by lacelike dried Statice blooms. Without any additional details besides golden wire antennae, the stems of the pinecones naturally give the illusion of adorable little proboscis tongues on the faces on the Bees.

Made daily, and shipped fresh by two-day Priority Mail. Just let us know what day you would like your wreaths to begin their journey to you. Each wreath comes with an illustrated card that you are welcome to specify a message for us to hand write to you or your recipient.

This labor of love is a fundraiser for our Non-Profit Arts and Education Organization, the Beehive Design Collective, Your donation also allows us to pay a living wage to our neighbors for their talent, amidst a global market that has transformed this traditional family-based home business into factory labor dependent on sweatshop goods and underpaid migrant labor.

Thank you for allowing us to earn your support of our artistic and community organizing endeavors by sharing this beautifully sustainable craft from our corner of the world with your family and friends...

Here's to Love, Nature, and Abundance. Always

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