FABRIC The True Cost of Coal Mini-Banner


56" x 108" (4-1/2' x 9')

These are the same mini-banners we use in presentations in classrooms and smaller outdoor spaces worldwide. They are lightweight and portable, great for traveling with! You will receive the full uncut fabric bolt (including generous extra fabric at the edges). You can hem the edges and put grommets in the corners, as we do with banners we tour with, and easily hang the banners with rope in different settings. The fabric is also suitable for stretching over a frame, sewing onto a quilt, or simply hemming and tacking to a wall. Fabric prints are indoor / outdoor; machine-washable polyester from recycled soda bottles.

The banner will come with a short narrative describing the process, themes, and history of the artwork in the poster. The narratives are available in 3 languages: English, Spanish, and French. Please select which narrative language you would like with your order.

About The True Cost of Coal: In 2008, the Beehive Design Collective allied with Appalachian grassroots organizers fighting mountaintop removal coal mining, a practice which blasts mountains into moonscapes to fuel the ever-growing global demand for electricity. We are all impacted by coal, and we all play a part in the system that demands coal as fuel. The Beehive's True Cost of Coal campaign is helping more people understand the real impacts of our national energy choices, so we can build a sustainable future.


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